Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Insider #3

Dan: I got a call from the shipping center, and the port is busy, but we may get our Warfighters and Counter-Trays early! Possibly any day now, and then a huge Pack-Out, and hopefully you will all get your games within the next week or so! In other news, Tiger is going well, and I feel like it's wrapping up. The movement system is down, our new Objective cards are working and throwing in a little flavor each game, it's all working, and I'm glad that the time we've put in is paying off.

Kevin: I've been playing Tiger for a few hours every night, and doing some emails/pack outs of orders. I'm excited for when we get our Warfighters and Counter-Trays though, because that will be a long night, but at the end of it, we'll have a huge amount of boxes ready to ship out. I'll post a picture or two of us receiving the games, and everyone packing them out also, so you can see what it looks like. Tiger being close to finishing will be nice, as we can send it to the printer, and hopefully have Israeli Air force done before we have Tiger back.

We had a great time playing Modern Land Battles last night. For some reason, we fell into LOL Cat speech.
"I can haz missiles!"
I put my hand up… - "Denied."
"All your artilleries belongs to us!"

It sounds ridiculous, but we were having a great time.

The rulebook is just about finished. I'm putting in the new maneuvering cards now.

In other news, the Rise of the Zombies tutorial is finished and ready for upload.
I am working on the Warfighter tutorial now. It should be up in about a week. Of course, the Warfighter pack-out will jump to the front of the project list, but I can mix in lots of tutorial work.

I also plan to link the tutorials to the website, so you can see the game, and see the link to the tutorial.
It would be great to get feedback on the tutorials. I would like to make one for each game and I am only on game number 4. If there are changes, problems, or a better way to do something, now is the time to get it right. I'm open to most changes, except for live action filming. If a camera is ever near me, I choke.

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