Monday, March 1, 2010

Game Over Man! Game Over!

For those of you who don’t know how NFL overtime rules work, consider yourselves lucky. Briefly: If the game ends in a tie, they flip a coin, and the winner gets the ball. The first team to score wins.

This means that a team may never get possession of the ball in overtime before they lose. Kind of like a baseball game going to extra innings. If the visiting team scores a run, they win. The home team gets an at bat.

As a game designer and a Vikings fan, I have a suggestion for the NFL…

New Overtime Rule:

They play until Team “A” scores. Team “B” then receives a kick-off. During its possession, Team “B” will either:

A) Not score points, or score fewer points than Team “A” = Team “B” loses

B) Score points equal to Team “A” = Reset, do it again

C) Score more points than Team “A” = Team “B” wins