Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vikings Fan

It’s a good year to be a Minnesota Vikings’ fan. Most years you figure on the team going 8 and 8, or maybe lucking into a play-off spot. Like I said, it’s been a good year.

I’ve been a fan since I was about 5 years old. My family lived in Bellflower, CA where my dad owned an Arco gas station. The company was called Richfield back then. One of his customer’s was the Yary family. Their son, Ron, played football at Bellflower High School. He later played as on offensive lineman at USC. He was the first draft pick of the Minnesota Vikings in 1968.

Around 1974 we moved away from the area and lost touch with the Yarys, but I continued being a Vikings fan.

Tonight, in a burst of Viking’s support, I decided to shave two Viking horns into my hair. I copied the helmet art from online graphics, printed a few to get the sizing right for my head, then cut-out a template. Holly then traced the templates on my head with a magic marker, and then cranked-up the electric hair trimmer. An hour later, I was the proud owner of Viking horns!

Kevin and Kira also helped with the shaving. Just the other day, Kira was saying how we should have more family time. So it worked out well for everyone. Actually, both kids are mortified and have insisted only Holly pick them up from school until the hair grows back. Riiiight!

Here's hoping the Vikings defeat the Saints, then go on to win the final battle - Super Bowl XLIV - RAGNAROK!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hornet Leader Has Launched!

Hornet Leader is in the air! We just launched our new mega-boxed game Hornet Leader – Carrier Air Operations for pre-order.

This game is huge! It includes 330 cards, 2 counter sheets, an 11” x 17” mounted Tactical Display, Player Aid Sheets, Rulebook, and a die.

With this one game, you have all the material you need to replay US Navy strike missions throughout the service life of the Hornet, from 1983 to present day, and beyond.

This game is perfect for newbie pilots as well as you old hands who have been there and seen that.

Visit our web site to see artwork, details, and pre-order!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 New Games!

Since the new year, we’ve been busy bouncing between three games: Field Commander Napoleon, Hornet Leader – Carrier Air Operations, and Vendetta – New York Style.

We’ll have the games ready for pre-order in the upcoming weeks.

Napoleon is the third game in our solitaire Field Commander series. It’s looking to be 6 mounted maps and 2 or 3 counter sheets. A huge game of Imperial fun.

Hornet Leader is also looking to be a monster game with 330 cards, a mounted tactical map, campaigns maps, counters, etc. The game will include all the material you need to strike targets around the world with your naval fighter squadrons.

Vendetta is a “family” card game of mob warfare in New York. Each player plays a mob boss vying for the top spot. The players take control of business to gain cards and cash, and send their wise guys out to whack opposition. The first player to whack a boss or control three of the five Boroughs wins.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Dan's Top 7 Predictions for 2010

The DJIA will end the year between 12,000 and 12,500.

The housing market will bottom-out, and start a nice recovery.

National unemployment will top out at 10.5% then decline to 8.5% by year-end.

US troop levels in Iraq will remain the same. US troop levels in Afghanistan will significantly increase. By year-end, neither region will be any more stable than it is now.

Yemen will emerge as the new “bad guy” country.

North Korea and Iran will further their nuclear ambitions. There will be much condemnation and sanctions, but nothing significant.

Credit and bank loans will remain tight throughout the year.