Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moving Forward

Things are moving along very nicely on Frontline and Phantom Leader. Phantom is almost done, and then we will turn our full attention to Frontline, which is pretty much done.

We’ll be updating the DVG site with new cards and rules in a day or two.

Once the press is done, we’ll launch Field Commander Napoleon for pre-orders.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lieutenant Commander Michael “Scott” Speicher

I remember the first night of Desert Storm in 1991. Holly and I were working on Hornet Leader, and I was still living with my dad.

On that first night, one US pilot was shot down, Lieutenant Commander Michael “Scott” Speicher. He was flying an FA-18 Hornet. Because of the association with the game, his shoot down stuck in my brain all these years. It was unknown if he was captured or killed. Searchers found the Hornet’s wreckage, but no parachute or body. His fate remained unknown all these years.

Until today.

A local Iraqi led US troops to a grave containing skeletal remains. By using dental records, they were able confirm they were the remains of Lieutenant Commander Speicher.

After all these years, Scott is finally coming home.