Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 New Games!

Since the new year, we’ve been busy bouncing between three games: Field Commander Napoleon, Hornet Leader – Carrier Air Operations, and Vendetta – New York Style.

We’ll have the games ready for pre-order in the upcoming weeks.

Napoleon is the third game in our solitaire Field Commander series. It’s looking to be 6 mounted maps and 2 or 3 counter sheets. A huge game of Imperial fun.

Hornet Leader is also looking to be a monster game with 330 cards, a mounted tactical map, campaigns maps, counters, etc. The game will include all the material you need to strike targets around the world with your naval fighter squadrons.

Vendetta is a “family” card game of mob warfare in New York. Each player plays a mob boss vying for the top spot. The players take control of business to gain cards and cash, and send their wise guys out to whack opposition. The first player to whack a boss or control three of the five Boroughs wins.


  1. Uh, so yah, when is the Meagen Fox game coming out? ;)

  2. A Megan Fox game would be awesome! Of course, it might might never get out of playtest! :)