Monday, October 13, 2014

Insider #6

Things are looking up! We just finished up the first half of the pack out, and will be finishing up the second half tomorrow! I can't wait for everyone to finally getting their Warfighters and Counter Trays. In other news, Tiger Leader's Commanders skills changed a bit. The "Medic" skill could be used on infantry cards to fix a Casualty, or fix any Commander from wounded to healed. They can also now alleviate 2 stresses post mission. In order to balance it out, some commanders now have the "Mechanic" skill. This allows them to either fix a single damage counter on a vehicle, or pay the "Large" SO cost on the bigger tanks. We still have Marksman, Spotter, Cautious, Overdrive, Aggressive, Close Combat, and Tactic skills placed on the different Commanders.

Finally having this pack out is a relief. After all of this anticipation, finally seeing the pallets being unloaded into our warehouse feels great! We spent hours putting Warfighter after Warfighter into boxes with every combination of bonus packs and extra dice. Tiger is changing, but I feel for the better, as having commanders with combat as well as non combat skills is necessary. The diversity gives me more options for what I need at any given time. It also means that when I'm a few weeks in, and my commanders are all stressed out, I can buy a new unit and give him a medic commander. He'll be pouring the coffee for my shaken and unfit guys, bringing them back to the fight.


What is your favorite German WWII tank?

(As a quick note, thank you for everyone who saw our Stug III had a barrel length problem! The updated card is here.)

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  1. So excited about this one! Please send the copies that go to Brave New World in Cologne first ;)