Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Insider #8

In some general DVG news, a member of Boardgamegeek has put together a Warfighter write up …

Second mission - covert strike against drug plane

This one looked hopeless because once you activate the location all the enemies screen the objective but you must destroy the objective in one turn or it escapes.

I took a chance and stayed one location back from the objective as I activated it. This worked out because two of the defenders were hired muscle and ambushed us at my current location. This kept them from screening the target and allowed me to push on to the objective with less resistance in the way.

I called in a mortar strike that wiped out the few smugglers screening the plane, then charged forward and tossed a grenade at the plane as the aircrew were pulling away the chocks. The grenade fragments failed to do any serious damage and the target started to move towards the makeshift jungle runway. I ran alongside pumping the plane full of holes with my automatic shotgun but it began to pick up speed and raced away. My squad mate dropped to a knee and fired 4 controlled bursts. The aircraft lurched off the ground and then veered off to the left slamming into the jungle in a ball of flames.

With the hired muscle still shouting curses and firing wildly after us we made our way to the exfiltration point.


This was very close. The extra attacks from whiskey tango foxtrot and overwatch combined with the attack bonus from combined fire are the only things that made this possible. The challenge was in getting out all these cards plus the mortar and still having enough cards to pay the mortars discard cost! I played overwatch the turn before and payed xp to retain it. I started the final turn with 6 cards in my hand and then used my hydration pack to draw the last card I needed.

I really thought I was set after seeing how effective the mortar strike had been but when the grenade failed I thought it was over. Very exciting and close game!

          Quoted from: John Paul Messerly at… www.boardgamegeek.com

A team by the name of "Stuka Joe" has put together a great "how to play" video for Down in Flames: Aces High. They did a good job of summarizing the rules, and making it very easy to explain how to play. If anyone would like to Translate Rulebooks, or create how to videos, we would greatly appreciate it, and you would get mentioned for your support… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hpbXb-8Izio

I got back from the movies with my girlfriend after seeing "Fury." It was a fun movie, with great set pieces, but my favorite parts were the Tank battles, and how realistically they were portrayed. It was readily apparent that a German Tiger Tank was more than a match for a single American Sherman tank. The Tiger's had better armor and a bigger punch, in comparison the American's had more Sherman's available. Going into the movie, I had just completed a Tiger Leader Campaign, and it felt exciting to see what I've been imagining on the dining room table come to life on the big screen.

Another reminder! Our Tiger Leader Kickstarter will be up here in 1 week and counting!

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