Friday, October 17, 2014

Insider #7

It's been a long couple of days with late nights at the office shipping out games. The good news is, after tomorrow morning when the FedEx truck shows up, all of your Warfighters and Counter Trays will be mailed out, and getting to you within the next few weeks depending on where you live. I'm really looking forward to hearing about your thoughts and opinions with Warfighter, as it was our biggest Kickstarter with the most stretch goals met!

My favorite part about Warfighter however, was the honor of real Soldiers sending in their pictures to appear in our game.

As a special preview, we are working on our Tiger Leader Kickstarter page. If you'd like to take a look, here's a sneak peek for our insider fans to what we'll be launching…

If you have any suggestions for making the Kickstarter better, please let us know!

Tiger's Campaigns have been flying by, and besides minor edits, everything has been going smoothly. Every game has a different "final cycle". The final cycle is when the game is 90% done, but there are a few last edits that need hammering out. With Tiger, the problem is balancing out the shortest and longest Campaign with the biggest and smallest Objective card. A problem we had last week, was that our longest Objective card "Offensive" worked well with "Poland 1939" but was extremely easy with "U.S. 1944". Is it that "U.S. 1944" is too easy? Was it random factors due to lopsided die rolls, and random card draws? Finding the balance, and cutting out the randomness is one of the most difficult jobs of being a game developer.

Question: If you were in WWII, would you rather be a Vehicle, Tank, or Infantry Commander?

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