Saturday, September 27, 2014

Insider #2

Insider #2

I've been play testing Tiger Leader, and made a huge breakthrough with the placement of your starting Special Operation points from the Campaign Card to the Objective Card. We also changed "Situation" to "Objective" as it sounded better. I created the final art for the Headquarters Sheet and updated it with all of the information a player will need for quick access. Finally, I finished up some of the emails that have come in since yesterday.

I sent away some pack outs and edited the rulebook for Tiger that Holly made. We typically go through 20-40 rulebooks until it's finalized. While play testing Tiger, the enemy Operational Movement was always a bit clunky, and we came up with a new concept! For longtime fans, the enemy Operational Movement system is similar to Thunderbolt Apache Leader. However, in that game, you have airplanes and helicopters. Here, you have Tanks and Infantry Squads. We used to say that you could move any of your units anywhere on the battlefield, but that felt weird that some Rifle Squad could run some 70 miles and jump into combat. Then, we said whatever each unit's Tactical movement is, is where they can move, but then Artillery could never participate except for battles in the Frontline. Now however, we figured out a system that for the last few campaigns has worked well. Attacking enemy Battalions in the Frontline, German Transit, and German Staging is free. For every enemy Battalion you attack in the Transit, it costs you 1 SO (Special Option Point), Rear, 2 SO, and Breakthrough 3 SO. This allows you to move and jump into combat with any enemy Battalion in your area of operation. These SO points represent the fuel, food, and resources it would take to attack deeper behind enemy lines.


Hey, I've been hard at work writing up the rulebook for Tiger and incorporating all of the edits that Kev and Dan are making. I'm also working on the Modern Land Battles rulebook. Bouncing between the two games and remembering which component goes where can be difficult especially after a long night. On other news, I'm almost finished with the Rise of the Zombies tutorial, and am about 75% through the Warfighter tutorial. I'll post these online as soon as they're done, and they're used mostly for people to learn and relearn the game. They tell you everything you need to know about playing them in less than 30 minutes.

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