Thursday, September 25, 2014

Insider #1

Hey everyone, this is a first but we'd like to give you a personal view into DVG and give you an insider's look into what the three of us are working on day to day.

The shipment of Warfighter and the Counter Trays will be here soon as I just heard that the ship has made port! This means that depending on where you live, you may get your order in as soon as 2-3 weeks. I've been watching Kevin play Tiger Leader making little changes and reprinting cards as the edits obscure the card text. I updated the entire action deck for Modern Land Battles as the deck was lopsided towards defense, and I want the game centered more on aggressive tactics. I've also been discussing DVG's next big step after Tiger Leader and Modern Land Battles, and it will be the biggest jump we've made as a company yet. The game is heavily centered on plastic miniatures, and we're ordering 3D models and 2D artwork now.

I've spent the last two months glued to the seat playing Tiger, and when I'm not playing Tiger, I'm at school finishing my psychology degree. Later tonight, when Holly writes up more of the Tiger Rulebook, I'll be going through and editing it. When Dan's updating cards and Holly's typing up Rulebooks, I tend to do Emails, Pack out Orders, and file all of your Pre-Orders. A couple months ago, I was let in on a conversation pertaining DVG's largest game yet.


Hello! I've been busy working on the Tiger Rulebook, and have been making little changes every time they come back to me at the end of the night telling me all of the updates to Tiger. After finishing their Poland "For the Reich" campaign, I'm sure Kev will have a new set of edits. Also, I'm going to be doing some Pre-Order filing tonight, as the Warfighter/Counter Tray shipment will be here soon!

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