Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Down Time at DVG

I saw the news story about the White House gatecrashers. Before long, I started thinking about national security, so I called a guy I know at the White House. I explained my concerns and asked to access past security footage of the President.

He replied that it is classified and not available to the public.

I reminded him that I’m a game designer.

An hour later, a black SUV rolled up to our front door. Two stern-faced guys in the black suits and sunglasses handed over an external hard disk. One hulk muttered. “You got 24 hours,” while the other checked his watch.

So, I finished Frontline, sent the game files to the printer, then plugged in the hard drive to have a look.

I found a couple interesting images. I think I managed to bring out the details with my limited photoshop skills. At the 23-hour mark, I called my friend with the news.

Of course, the White House wanted first access, but I cut a deal. Before I handed over the images, I got to post them here first…(click to enlarge)...

Why Holly gets nervous when I have free time. :)


  1. Nice! Here's to more free time for Dan!

  2. Classic! Do you take requests?

  3. Sure, for the next couple days I'm on vacation with only light game designing. :)