Saturday, October 3, 2009

When Its Done!

I’ve gotten some emails asking when Frontline and Phantom will be done. People have correctly said, “Hey, you said they would be done months ago…” And they’re right. I did. Here’s the problem.

They’re not done yet.

Months ago, both games were good. All modesty aside, I would even say they were great. But, they weren’t perfect, which is our design standard.

Both Frontline and Phantom are hugely important games for DVG. We hope that Frontline will be the cornerstone of a whole series of WWII tactical card games, and we hope Phantom will relaunch the Air Leader series that has lain stagnate for 15 years.

This all brings up one of the biggest bonuses to producing our own games. When we designed for other companies, there were always deadline clauses built-in to the contracts. Those game designs had to be turned-in on time or bad legal things could happen. As our lawyer has told us many times, “Contracts are signed on sunny days, but they’re only pulled out of the file cabinet on rainy days.”

The bad news is, they’re close to done, but they’re not done yet.

The really good news is, when they’re done, they will be wonders to behold.

Now, back to my game polishing…


  1. Dan -
    Take your time and don't sweat it! I'd rather wait as long as it takes for you to be satisfied with the end result. If they're half as good as the Field Commander series, they'll be great! Speaking of which, take your time with FC Napoleon, too. Done right, and DVG will be praised throughout the land. If not, every self-proclaimed Nappy expert will pummel you. In any case, is that another one of those game-designer groupies posted above? Enquiring minds (or lack thereof) want to know -

  2. Jim,

    Thank you for the words of support! Agreed, Napoleon must be done right or all kinds of bad will happen.

    The girl pictured doesn't really like games. She a friend of my son. He's only 15, but it's okay, he says they're just friends.