Monday, June 15, 2009

...And Static They Ate

June 11th came and TV died.

The first day was the hardest. TV was a handy companion. Bored? Turn it on, surf, see nothing of interest, forget you’re bored, turn it off, and wander away.

The kids took it a lot better than I thought. I call them Generation-S (for Stimulation). If a kid isn’t doing at least 2 things at once, they’re bored. In most case at least one of those things must be electronic. When *I* was a kid we were lucky to have even one thing to do. Of course, that’s when dinosaurs roamed the earth. But still.

In place of TV, they’ve renewed their interest in gymnastics and have even started learning Spanish. They google Spanish words several times a day and can even hear the pronunciation. The Spanish thing might be because the only channels we get are in Spanish, but I figure what the heck? Learning is learning. New words of the day…

Pero = Dog
Que = What?
Papa = Potato


  1. How's that working out for you so far? I haven't had TV since February When I dropped Direc TV. I decided that paying for things I'm never gonna watch is stupid and I enjoy not having the boobtube as a distraction anymore.I do really miss the History Caneel and the Military Channel though. :( Solitaire wargames,internet forums and blogs, XBLA downloadable games and general romping around and craziness by my 1 year old daughter have been my entertainment for the last 5 months.
    I hope everything works out as well for you.

  2. Hi Dan. I am spanish and if you do not mind I'll send you some corrections.
    • Dog: Perro
    • But: Pero
    • Dad: Papa
    • Potato: Patata

    Best Wishes