Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I’d like to share some wonderfully good news about our small company. First, we used to be a tiny company, but our upgrade just came in. :-)

More importantly, we have finalized an agreement with Decision Games to regain the rights to two of my favorite games series: Air Leader and Down In Flames Jets.

The Air Leader series are solitaire board games that place the player in command of a squadron of fighter planes in a strategic campaign. The player gets to make both tactical and strategic decisions. The series started way back in 1991 with the release of Hornet Leader. Since then, we have released several Vassal/PDF games in the series, but now we can offer the newest game, Phantom Leader, for pre-order and have it printed!

Down In Flames Jets is the modern day version of our Down In Flames WWII card game series. The jets game was designed, but never released. The DIF games put the player in the cockpit to make extremely tactical decisions. DIF-Jets is going to make an excellent addition to the series. It has all the fun of the WWII games, plus missiles! If you ever wanted to play an air combat game but were put off by the complex rules, DIF is the game for you. You can be up and flying in 15 minutes and most dogfights take only 15 minutes to resolve.

Side Note…

Hmm... a weird thing. The first time I tried to post a comment, it asked me to verify some letters - but didn't display any letters. So I typed in some random letters.It gave a failure message.I tried submitting the comment a second time, and it displayed the verification letters. I typed them in, and it worked fine.

...End Note

I’m off to put together some airplane cards and continue the Napoleon research…


  1. Yes, those letters are called, "captcha" wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha

    Some blog apps don't handle them well and you have to work around it by refreshing etc. If you see a preview button you can hit that first and then the letters will display. that is how I get around it.

  2. This is great news Dan! Very exciting indeed!

  3. Great! I've been really excited about Phantom Leader since its existence was accidentally(?) posted on BGG. Glad to hear the issues were resolved. And to have a real printed copy - Wow! where do I sign?!

  4. Upon hearing the news, I immediately pledged Phantom Leader. I had pledged CL and HLII at DG. Any plans doing them as boxed versions? I would love to see them in print.

  5. Thank you for the Leader support!

    HLII and CL might get boxed version. It all depends on player demand.

  6. I demand! I demand!!! :-)

  7. Hi Dan,

    Great News, really. I pledged it right now.